7 Days to Die Вики

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7 Days to Die Вики

Unfortunately, I don't speak Russian. If you require help in your native language, Killsailden or Intervision can communicate in Russian. If German will do, then Eichi87, and finally if English or French is enough, then feel free to leave a message for me here.


I dont speak russian ^^ my native tongue is german plus i speak english and a little bit french. Nevertheless i may help in this wiki with "non-writing-skill" ;) - Eichi87 (обсуждение) 16:25, 28 августа 2013 (UTC)

killsailden's skype

My skype: killsailden


Hello. no, this is not an AD agency )) this is ol web design studio (Angel Design in 1998=)) This is personal email, dont worry abt it )

OK, i'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, don't let me down! :) and welcome — Game widow (обсуждение) 01:50, 13 сентября 2013 (UTC)

Too much vandalism at 2013-10-01 and 2013-10-02

I restored what I could, but may occur pages with invalid data. --Intervision (обсуждение) 09:17, 5 октября 2013 (UTC)

Hi there, sorry for the very late reply, but i've been away on vacation. I'll see about fixing any and all vandalism, and thanks for letting me know — Game widow (обсуждение) 11:44, 11 октября 2013 (UTC)

Need Help


Please your assistance regarding creation "Game Mechanics" section on main page of Russian 7 Days to Die Wiki.

If it possible, i'd prefer to do it by myself,just don't know how...

Thank you,


I'd be happy to help in any way i can. I guess, first of all, what would that page be named in Russian ? — Game widow (обсуждение) 22:57, 7 августа 2014 (UTC)
Yes, sure. "Игровые механики" is Russian equivalent for English "Game mechanics".

Actually I just like to build it accordingly to existing English section. So my plan is: "Игровые механики" as section name. As for subcategories I think it should be 1. "Игровые механики" as first subcategory. 2. "Моды" for "Game modes" 3. "Сервер" for "Servers" 4. "Пособие для начинающих" for "Beginners guide" 5. "Физика" for "Physics" regarding "Stealth system" it should be part of "Game mechanics" subcategory IMHO. 21:47, 9 августа 2014

OK, i've added the sections to the main page, you can begin translating / adding your text any time — Game widow (обсуждение) 18:57, 9 августа 2014 (UTC)

Thank you. I will translate

Additional Issues

Hello Game Widow,

  • Please your opinion about "Игровые механики" article. Isn't it too long for this Wiki format? Actually I changed the English origin totally.
  • Please permission for deleting vandalistic pages inside Russian space.
  • Is there any backup on this Wiki?

Thank you
Nightsystem, 20:15, 14 августа 2014

I responded to your questions on your talk page. — Game widow (обсуждение) 17:29, 14 августа 2014 (UTC)

Thank you once again for the quick response.
And regarding you don't speak, read or write Russian, i'm here if you need any translation from Russian or any other help.

Nightsystem, 21:08, 14 августа 2014

Hi Game Widow,

How are you doing?

I'd like to ask for your opinion regarding some issues, we observed recently on Russian Wiki. The new editor - Trambalda placed a lot of new staff on the Wiki. To me the style of Trambalda edits looks a quite aggressive. I have no time & no desire to communicate Trambalda directly. What do you think about additional category on main page named for example "To Community!" (К сообществу!), where the editors would be able to exchange whatever they want regarding the Wiki?

Best Regards,

Nightsystem, 09:50, 4 октября 2014

Hi there, I'm happy to make a new link or section on the main page if you feel it would be useful. I'll be back at my regular office tomorrow morning (October 6) and will get started on it. The most obvious choices for you to consider are as follows: would you prefer a link on the main page, or on the sidebar menu to the left of the main page ? — Game widow (обсуждение) 00:46, 6 октября 2014 (UTC)
I would prefer on the main page. Thank you. - Nightsystem, 13:50, 11 октября 2014

Dont Worry

Sadly, we have never been able to keep admins for very long on the Russian wiki, they seem to lose interest quickly. — Game widow 17:25, 14 августа 2014 (UTC)

Im here again =) there were some troubles in my life xD Also russian part of 7DtD wiki is no longer significantly changes, most of the articles translated. It remains only to fix layout and formatting on the remaining pages.

BTW I translated the privacy policy and fix some small errors on other pages.

Intervision (обсуждение) 04:06, 8 декабря 2014 (UTC)

I saw the privacy policy, that's FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! — Game widow (обсуждение) 13:47, 8 декабря 2014 (UTC)

Bad Translate

Google,Yandex... Request: "7 Days to Die Вики" issues this wiki. But the reference name is incorrect, please correct with " Официальной 7 Days to Die Вики" a "7 Days to die Вики - официальный ресурс по игре 7 Days to Die" [DimanWorld / обсудить / вклад] 07:25, 22 марта 2018 (UTC)

OK, but that's awfully long and seems rather redundant — Game widow (обсуждение) 11:10, 22 марта 2018 (UTC)