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Welcome to the 7 Days to Die Super Walkthrough! 7 Days to Die is a brutal survival game where you must scavenge, craft, and build in order to prepare for the 7-day "blood moon" and the zombie horde that comes with it.

But don't worry: This starter guide will give you all the information you need to become an expert zombie slayer.

Essential Tips

These three video guides will help you get your bearings in the world of 7 Days to Die. In them, we cover building, crafting, and general strategies.


The first step to survival is gathering resources. Pick up any item you come across -- it'll sure to come in handy for crafting or building in the future.

Crafting and Building

Once you've collected enough materials, you can start crafting items and building structures to ensure you make it until the next morning.


Zombies are everywhere in 7 Days to Die, so you'll need to become a zombie-killing pro, knowing when to strike and when to stay in the shadows.


Survival Guides

For more help, check out these survival guides!

Walkthrough Videos