7 Days To Die Wiki

“Animal fat can be cooked down to tallow at a campfire. This is used for making candles and flaming arrows.”


Animal Fat is a crafting material used to make several different items.

Usually, Animal Fat is used to craft Gas Cans and Tallow.


Animal Fat can be harvested from dead animals and zombies with a Bone Shiv, Hunting Knife, or Machete.

After killing an animal or zombie:

  1. Equip one of the above weapons
  2. Attack the corpse repeatedly

With this method, the player will often harvest one or Animal Fats. Once the corpse has been reduces to bones, no more Animal Fat can be harvested.


Animal Fat is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Required Crafting Station Learned From
GasCan.png Gas Can AnimalFat.png 3x Animal Fat, GrainAlcohol.png 1x Grain Alcohol Campfire w/Beaker Gas Can Schematic
GasCan.png Gas Can AnimalFat.png 2x Animal Fat, CornMeal.png 1x Corn Meal, BottledRiverWater.png 1x Bottled Murky Water Chemistry Station Gas Can Schematic
Tallow.png Tallow AnimalFat.png 1x Animal Fat Campfire w/Cooking Pot
Torch.png Torch AnimalFat.png 1x Animal Fat, Cloth.png 1x Cloth Fragment, Wood.png 1x Wood