“Use animal hide to make warm clothing and leather.”


Animal Hide is a harvested item used to craft Animal Hide armor, Leather, and the Paint Brush.

Animal Hide can be harvested from animal corpses. See below for details.


Animal Hide can be obtained by harvesting an animal corpse. The player will need to equip a tool that can harvest (e.g. Stone Axe, Hunting Knife, Machete, etc), then focus on an animal corpse, finally use the secondary action.

Players will often gather additional materials while harvesting from animal corpses, such as Animal Fat and Large Bones.


Animal Hide is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
AnimalHideBoots.png Animal Hide Boots AnimalHide.png 5x Animal Hide
AnimalHideChestArmor.png Animal Hide Chest Armor AnimalHide.png 10x Animal Hide
AnimalHideGloves.png Animal Hide Gloves AnimalHide.png 5x Animal Hide
AnimalHideHood.png Animal Hide Hood AnimalHide.png 5x Animal Hide
AnimalHideLegArmor.png Animal Hide Pants AnimalHide.png 10x Animal Hide
Leather.png Leather AnimalHide.png 1x Animal Hide
PaintTool.png Paint Brush Wood.png 2x Wood, AnimalHide.png 1x Animal Hide
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