Blueberries is a poor quality food item that restores food with a small chance to give food poisoning. Blueberries is primarily used as a crafting ingredient.

Blueberries can be randomly found when looting or specifically gathered from Blueberries Bushes.

When consumed, Blueberries restores Food by 1 with a 1% chance to receive food poisoning. Blueberries does not smell.


Blueberries cannot be crafted but can made into and grown from Blueberry Seeds.


Blueberries are used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Implement Learned From
BlueberrySeeds.png Blueberry Seeds Blueberries.png 5x Blueberries - - Living off the Land (Perk) 1 or Blueberry Seeds Schematic
BlueberryPie.png Blueberry Pie Blueberries.png ???x Blueberries, Egg.png ???x Egg, CornMeal.png ???x Corn Meal, BottledWater.png ???x Bottled Water Campfire Cooking Pot Master Chef (Perk) ??? or Blueberry Pie (Schematic)
50px ??? Blueberries.png ???x Blueberries, ??? ??? ??? ???
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