Hunting animals here for Raw Meat and Animal Hide is beneficial due to the ease of seeing your prey. The draw back is the Burn Victims that can set the player on fire, like some of the smoldering debris spread around the biome. Something to keep an eye out for is the random flare ups of flames as animals cross smoldering piles of debris.


The Burnt Forest is also known as the "Dead Forest." Once, the Burnt Forest was like all the other Forests. It had plenty of wildlife and all the trees had beautiful green leaves. However, when the third world war started and the unknown virus started to spread among humanity, everything went down and a wildfire destroyed this beautiful forest, along with everyone inside it. This Biome is now nothing but destroyed buildings and burnt trees. This Biome has many new Points of Interest as of Alpha 13, improving its exploration value. Embers burn the ground and will catch you on fire if you walk over them. You can destroy these embers and get Wood and Lump of Coal for crafting and as a fuel source. There is very little wildlife here and very few building, making this a very poor spawn point.


The environment, when it rains, can quickly lower the player's body heat. Take caution by carrying clothes. Or momentarily hopping over to a different biome to collect Plant Fibers. You can then craft clothes. It may take a while to warm up though.

The environment is hot, although not as hot as the Desert. Alpha 13's temperature system can lead to the player overheating quickly. Ember Piles and Small Stones litter the ground, along with Birds Nests as well. These are a good source of Eggs and Feathers. To stay cool, make sure you are adequately hydrated. Clothes such as Cowboy Hats and Bandannas also have a cooling effect that should be taken advantage of.

Points of Interest

Most of the buildings in this Biome are partially destroyed and a player can find mostly burnt and destroyed Houses with normal loot inside them. There's also a small village (On the Navezgane Map) in the middle of the biome with destroyed houses. This can be found by following the Apache St. On a Random Gen map, there aren't usually cities in these biomes, but it is possible. New Burnt POI's were introduced to the RWG world, so now things blend together better.

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