“Not so appealing but it will have to do. Can be boiled at camfire to purify it.”


  • Note: This item was removed in A18.

Can of Murky Water is a crafted beverage that restores 15 Hydration, reduces Wellness by -0.1, and has a 50% chance to give the player Dysentery.

Additionally, Can of Murky Water can be made "safe" at a Campfire (equipped a Cooking Pot) with the recipe Boiled Water.

Can of Murky Water can be crafted by placing an Empty Can in the player's Toolbelt, then "used" while looking at a water source

Dysentery 1

Dysentery 1 is a debuff that lasts for 40 minutes of real time and causes the following effects:

This debuff is cured by the following items:

If not cured after 40 minutes, this debuff will turn into Dysentery 2.


The following materials are required to craft a Can of Murky Water:

  • EmptyCan.png 1x Empty Can
  • 1x Water Source (e.g. Lake or River)


Can of Murky Water is used in the following recipe:

Image Name Required Materials Crafting Station Learned From
CanBoiledWater.png Boiled Water CanMurkyWater.png 1x Can of Murky Water Campfire with Cooking Pot
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