Clay Soil is a type of Terrian that is brown in color and spawns in a variety of biomes.

Clay Soil is a basic resource which can be gathered by digging in normal soil and it can be used in a furnace from which a variety of items may be crafted. Surface sand blocks may grant a single clay soil.

As of A17, Clay soil is used to make clay in the forge. Simply load it into the forge and it will create clay to be used for whatever purpose intended.


Item Required Materials Time Skill
Cobblestone Rocks Small Stone x1, Clay Soil x1 0.5 -
Crucible Forged Iron x40, Mechanical Parts x10 Small Stone x1200, Clay Soil x900 1020 Hammer and Forge (Perk)
Forge Small Stone x50, Short Iron Pipe x1, Clay Soil x60, Bellows x1 25 -
Mushroom Spore Seed Mushrooms x4, Clay Soil x2 20 -
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