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“A cooking utensil used in the campfire to unlock recipes.”


The Cooking Pot is used with a Campfire to cook food and beverages.

Cooking Pots can be found most often at camp sites and in abandoned houses. They can also be scrapped into 3 Iron.


To use a Cooking Pot, use a Campfire (default key 'e') then place the Cooking Pot in the upper-right corner on top of the Cooking Pot square.


The Cooking Pot can be crafted at Forge.png Forge with an Anvil.png Anvil and the following materials:


Cooking Pot is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Chemistry Station.png Chemistry Station Beaker.png 2x Beaker, BurningBarrel.png 1x Burning Barrel, CookingPot.png 3x Cooking Pot, ShortIronPipe.png 15x Short Iron Pipe, Wood.png 15x Wood Workbench Chemistry Station (Perk)
CookingPot.png Cooking Pot Mine ScrapIron.png 10x Iron, GunPowder.png 10x Gun Powder, CookingPot.png 1x Cooking Pot, DuctTape.png 1x Duct Tape Workbench