Cotton Plant is a plant that is used to craft cloth-related items in 7 Days to Die.


Cotton Plant is used for crafting Cloth Fragments and other similar items. Cotton Seeds can be crafted from Cotton Plants, allowing players to grow their own Cotton Plant through Farming.


Cotton Plant cannot be crafted, instead players look for Cotton Plants growing on the ground and gather them.


Cotton Plants are most often found in the following areas and biomes:

Used for crafting

Cotton Plant is used as a material in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Bed01.png An Old Bed Cloth.png 20x Cloth Fragment, ShortMetalPipe.png 10x Short Iron Pipe, Cotton.png 20x Cotton Plant, Spring.png 10x Spring
Cloth.png Cloth Fragment Cotton.png 2x Cotton Plant
CottonSeed.png Cotton Seed Cotton.png 1x Cotton Plant
Bed02.png King Sized Bed Cloth.png 40x Cloth Fragment, Cotton.png 40x Cotton Plant, Spring.png 20x Spring, Wood.png 20x Wood, ShortMetalPipe.png 10x Short Iron Pipe
MinibikeSeat.png Minibike Seat DuctTape.png 4x Duct Tape, Leather.png 7x Leather, Cotton.png 3x Cotton Plant, ShortMetalPipe.png 4x Short Iron Pipe Workbench Minibikes for Dumbshits
OfficeChair.png Office Chair Leather.png 5x Leather, Cotton.png 1x Cotton Plant, Mechanical Parts.png 3x Mechanical Parts, ForgedIron.png 4x Forged Iron
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