“Fertilizer is made in a beaker or concrete mixer. Use a gardening hoe to fertilize your farmland and increase the yield of your crops.”


Fertilizer is used in conjunction with a Gardening Hoe to increase the yield planted crops produce.


Fertilizer is not used directly but must be located in the player's backpack or Toolbelt.

Players should equip an Iron Garden Hoe then right-click while aiming at block of dirt. If the dirt block has not been tilled, it will change color and will now yield produce from planted crops.

If the dirt has already been tilled and the player right-clicks again, the Gardening Hoe will attempt to use any Fertilizer in the player's inventory and upgrade the dirt. The newly upgraded dirt will have small white patches indicating Fertilizer has been used.

Dirt only needs to be upgraded once with Fertilizer, even after planting, harvesting, and replanting crops.


Fertilizer can be crafted with either of the three following recipes:

At the Chemistry Station.png Chemistry Station

At the Campfire.png Campfire with Beaker.png Beaker

At the CementMixer.png Cement Mixer


Fertilizer is most often looted from the following items:

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