Some yummy food from those crops. Too bad all these zombies are in the way!

If Zombies don't kill you, then your lack of Food might just do it. There is a variety of different foods in 7 Days To Die, but not all of it is safe to eat. Make sure you cook it! Using Farming and Mining methods will help you a lot in your struggle against hunger. Eating food gives you fullness, which in turn gives you Max Stamina. Without it you die, with too little of it, life can be tedious and slow but with a lot of it, many new options and styles of play are available to the character.

Early Game

  • In the early game, you will want to mainly used the canned food and bottled water (that you can find or purchase from traders) to survive.
  • The Empty cans you get can be scrapped into Scrap Iron or used to boil water.
  • Keep your glass jars and fill them up when you find water. Make sure to the boil the water at a campfire before consuming it. This will require a Cooking Pot at a campfire.
  • You will find yourself needing a campfire for warmth no matter what and you can purify cans of murky water without the need of a cooking pot.
  • The harvesting system allows you to harves animals for meat. You should use either a bone knife, a machete, or a hunting knife to harvest an animal. Axes also work but are not as efficient.
  • Once able purchase Living off the land and Master Chef perks, at least one level into each.

Mid to Late Game

  • As you start to establish yourself you can stop worrying about the canned food and save it for when you desperately need food.
  • Start a garden near your base or at a spot that is convenient for you and plant seeds on tilled dirt and wait for your plants to grow.
  • When you use water for boiling/cooking, it uses the jar as well s you may need to craft or find jars every now and then.
  • Purchase more Living off the Land and Master Chef perks and others related harvest perks.
Food Hunger Hydration Health
Bacon and Eggs +36
Baked Potato +4
Beer 0
Blueberries +1
Blueberry Pie +31 +15
Boiled Egg +10 +5
Boiled Meat +10 +15
Boiled Water +20
Bottled Murky Water +15
Bottled Water +20
Can of Cat Food +5 +2
Can of Chili +15 +7
Can of Dog Food +10 +5
Can of Ham +7 -7
Can of Miso +5 +10
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