“Grain alcohol can be made in a beaker at a campfire. Useful for homemade gas and first aid kits.”


Grain Alcohol is a beverage that can be consumed to restore stamina and gain the Beer Buzz buff. Consuming Grain Alcohol also reduces hydration by 5 and wellness by -0.5. If the player consumes too much Grain Alcohol they will gain the Drunk debuff.

Grain Alcohol is most often found by looting Zombie Nurses, Medicine Cabinets, and Pill Cases.


Drinking one Grain Alcohol will increase the player's "Beers consumed" value by 4.

Consumed beverages/drinks that are alcoholic will increase the player's internal "Beers" count.

  • At 5 Beers the player will gain the Buzzed buff.
  • At 6 Beers the player will gain the Drunk buff.
  • At 8 Beers the player will gain the Sick Drunk buff.
  • At 15 or more Beers the player will gain the Alcohol Poisoning buff.

Automatically, every 100 seconds the player will lose 1 Beer from the internal buff Metabolize Beer.


Grain Alcohol can be crafted at the Campfire.png Campfire with a Beaker.png Beaker and the following items:


Grain Alcohol can be crafted at the Chemistry Station.png Chemistry Station with the following items:


Grain Alcohol is used to craft the following items:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
FirstAidKit.png First Aid Kit BloodBag.png 1x Blood Bag, GrainAlcohol.png 1x Grain Alcohol, Bandage.png 1x Bandage, DuctTape.png 1x Duct Tape Chemistry Station First Aid Kit Schematic
GasCan.png Gas Can AnimalFat.png 3x Animal Fat, GrainAlcohol.png 1x Grain Alcohol Campfire w/Beaker Gas Can Schematic
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