Hydration is one of the four main player statistics. Your Hydration level falls as you move around the world of Navezgane, and will lower over time. If you Hydration level becomes empty you receive the debuff thirsty and after 1 in game hour progresses to dehydrated. Formerly the camel perk could be used to decrease the depletion of hydration by up to 50% allowing you to last twice as long on the same amount of hydration.


Temperature effects hydration as you get hotter, hydration is decreased at a quicker rate. Starting at 100F (37.7C) hydration will decrease by a point every 10 seconds and the overheating debuff will be applied. If your temperature gets to 110F (43.3C) hydration will decrease by 1 point every 7 seconds along with the heat stroke stage 1 debuff which adds additional negative effects. Finally if your temperature gets to 120F (48.9C) your hydration decreases by 1 point every 5 seconds and due to the heat stroke stage 2 debuff that is also applied, you will probably die soon after.


Certain items can reduce your Hydration level while some can increase it, in the game this is expressed as a Hydration meter:

The following items have a negative Hydration value and will deplete your Hydration meter:

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