“Mushrooms can be safely eaten uncooked or used in several recipes at the campfire.”


Mushrooms are food item that can be found underground and grown from Mushroom Spores.

When consumed, Mushrooms restore 5 Fullness and 1 Hydration, or can be cooked into several different food and medical recipes.

Unlike other plants, Mushrooms do not need sunlight to grow and can be placed anywhere there's dirt.


Mushrooms are most commonly found underground inside Caves . Players should consider saving any Mushrooms or Mushroom Spores they find to grow their own Mushrooms.


Mushrooms are used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Painkillers.png Herbal Antibiotics Blueberries.png 2x Blueberries, Mushrooms.png 1x Mushrooms, Chrysanthemum.png 1x Chrysanthemum, NitratePowder.png 1x Nitrate Powder, BottledRiverWater.png 1x Bottled Murky Water Chemistry Station
Painkillers.png Herbal Antibiotics Blueberries.png 5x Blueberries, Mushrooms.png 3x Mushrooms, Chrysanthemum.png 3x Chrysanthemum, NitratePowder.png 3x Nitrate Powder, BottledRiverWater.png 1x Bottled Murky Water Campfire w/Cooking Pot
Mushroom Spores.png Mushroom Spores Mushrooms.png 2x Mushrooms, Dirt Fragment.png 1x Dirt Fragment
VegetableStew.png Vegetable Stew BottledWater.png 1x Bottled Water, Corn.png 5x Ear of Corn, Potato.png 5x Potato, Mushrooms.png 5x Mushrooms Campfire w/Cooking Pot
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