7 Days To Die Wiki

“Plant fibers are acquired from destroying grass & small plants. Can be used to craft many things and for planting grass using the secondary action.”


Plant Fibers can only be obtained through scavenging. Players can use their fists and punch any grass and Plant Fibers will be added to their inventory.


Plant Fibers are used in the following recipes:

Image Item Material Required Crafting Station Learned From
BedRoll.png Bedroll YuccaFibers.png 20x Plant Fibers
Candle.png Candle YuccaFibers.png 1x Plant Fibers, Tallow.png 1x Tallow
StickOfDynamite.png Stick of Dynamite YuccaFibers.png 1x Plant Fibers, GunPowder.png 16x Gun Powder, Paper.png 8x Paper Workbench
HayBale.png Hay Bale YuccaFibers.png 10x Plant Fibers
PipeBomb.png Pipe Bomb YuccaFibers.png 1x Plant Fibers, GunPowder.png 10x Gun Powder, ShortIronPipe.png 1x Short Iron Pipe Workbench
PlantFiberGloves.png Plant Fiber Gloves YuccaFibers.png 5x Plant Fibers
PlantFiberHat.png Plant Fiber Hat YuccaFibers.png 5x Plant Fibers
PlantFiberHood.png Plant Fiber Hood YuccaFibers.png 5x Plant Fibers
PlantFiberPants.png Plant Fiber Pants YuccaFibers.png 10x Plant Fibers
PlantFiberShirt.png Plant Fiber Shirt YuccaFibers.png 10x Plant Fibers
Plant Fiber Shoes YuccaFibers.png 5x Plant Fibers
Sod YuccaFibers.png 1x Plant Fibers, Dirt Fragment.png 8x Dirt Fragment
StoneAxe.png Stone Axe RockSmall.png 4x Small Stone, YuccaFibers.png 2x Plant Fibers, Wood.png 2x Wood
StoneShovel.png Stone Shovel RockSmall.png 5x Small Stone, YuccaFibers.png 3x Plant Fibers, Wood.png 3x Wood
StickOfDynamite.png TNT YuccaFibers.png 1x Plant Fibers, GunPowder.png 20x Gun Powder, DuctTape.png 1x Duct Tape, Paper.png 10x Paper Workbench
PottedPlant.png Potted Plant YuccaFibers.png 4x Plant Fibers, Dirt Fragment.png 3x Dirt Fragment, ClayLump.png 5x Lump of Clay
WoodenBow.png Wooden Bow Wood.png 8x Wood, YuccaFibers.png 3x Plant Fibers

Patch Changes

  • A16: Maximum stack sized changed from 1000 to 6000