“An ancient Chinese secret, red tea is known for its natural cooling, stamina and re-hydration effects.”


Red Tea is a beverage players can craft that restores 20 Hydration, 40 Stamina, and increases Wellness by 0.2.

This beverage also provides the Cool Drink buff that lowers the player's temperature over 30 seconds.

Red Tea cannot be looted from scavenging, instead this beverage can only be crafted from Chrysanthemum and Bottled Water.

Cool Drink

Cool Drink is a buff that lowers the player's temperature by 14% over a span of 30 seconds.

Only Red Tea and Yucca Juice will grant the player this buff.


Red Tea is crafted at a Campfire.png Campfire equipped with a CookingPot.png Cooking Pot and the following materials:

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