Resources are materials used in crafting.  They can either be gathered from items such as trees, plants or rocks, or they can be crafted from the aforesaid items to be used in crafting something else. Resources can be used to create building blocks, clothing, tools, melee weapons, a Blunderbuss (currently the only craftable ranged weapon), food, drink, medicine - virtually everything a player needs to survive. As the days increase, so does the difficulty of the game and the need for better upgraded supplies, which requires more resources. 

Resources listed in the Crafting Table:

Icon Item Used In Entity ID # Entity ID name
Gravel.png Gravel
GunPowder.png Gun Powder
Bellows.png Bellows
Cloth.png Cloth Fragment
CobblestoneRocks.png Cobblestone Rocks
ConcreteMix.png Concrete Mix
CornMeal.png Corn Meal
CottonSeed.png Cotton Seed
DuctTape.png Duct Tape
GasBarrel.png Gas Barrel
GasCan.png Gas Can
Handlebars.png Handlebars
RepairKit.png Repair Kit
ShortIronPipe.png Short Iron Pipe
Leather.png Leather
MinibikeHandlebars.png Minibike Handlebars
MinibikeSeat.png Minibike Seat

Other Resources

Icon Item Used In Entity ID # Entity ID name
Wood.png Wood
YuccaFibers.png Plant Fibers
RockSmall.png Small Stone
WaterSource8.png Water
Sand.png Sand
Gravel.png Gravel
Snowball.png Snow
Stone.png Stone
AnimalHide.png Animal Hide
Leather.png Leather
Feather.png Feather
Dirt Fragment.png Dirt
FertileDirt.png Fertile Dirt
SandStone.png Sandstone
Aloe Vera Plant.png Aloe Vera Plant
Egg.png Egg
YuccaSeed.png Yucca Plant
Blueberries.png Blueberries
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