The Wasteland is a lifeless biome which holds all the industrial structures and cities. Since the apocalypse began the Wasteland had become the epicenter of the biggest zombie hordes and masses. The ground of the wasteland is made of Destroyed Stone.


Above ground you may find generous amounts of Cinder Blocks and Scrap Metal Blocks making the Wasteland perfect for obtaining Scrap Iron, however, as of alpha 15 wastelands can have random Hub Cap Land Mines on the surface as well as types mines. The wasteland is full of little destroyed structures which still have containers such as Coolers and Lockers. The ground is very hilly and contains a great quantity of junk. The wasteland is foggy especially during the morning and night. The biome also tends to spawn a considerable amount of Feral Zombies as well as Irradiated zombies, Rattlesnakes, and Zombie Dogs. In terms of loot the wasteland is a rich locations thanks to its central city which holds some of the best in the game.

The city in this biome (In Navezgane) has very high zombie spawn rates and is VERY hard to loot. Don't try to kill all the Zombies, because they won't stop coming, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Hide, wait until you're undetected and loot very silently. Make sure to pack First Aid Kit/ First Aid Bandages and something ranged that can kill dogs effectively on your toolbar so you can access it quickly. It is best to avoid this location at night unless defenses have been put in place. Lots of Feral Wight zombies and Infected Policemen spawn here so it is important to take weapons and ammunition. It is advised to first attempt building an outpost in a large enough building on the outskirts of a city to hide in if it starts getting close to night. Overall, due to the large amount of special infected, zombie dogs, and the higher density of zombies, the wasteland is end-game territory.

In Navezgane, the Wasteland is significantly harder than the randomly generated one, as there is a lack of decent buildings and larger zombie hordes to deal with, therefore, a Minibike or other form of transportation is recommended for scavenging trips in Navezgane Wasteland. If using a mode of transportation repair items should also be brought as mines on the ground can cause significant damage.

Points of Interest

The Main POI in the Wasteland is the central city of Gravestowne which holds very valuable loot like Ammunition, Weapons, and Armor. There are plenty of Gun Safes and Munitions Boxes. It is unclear if Factories can be found in Random World Generation but in Navezgane there are 2 in the biome. There is also a derelict building which contains two Desk Safes and a Junkyard.

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