7 Days To Die Wiki

“A workbench lets you craft items just like you do in your backpack and improve items for up to 100 quality points above your crafting skill.”


The Workbench allows the player to construct an additional crafting station that can combine two items of the same name into a single item with a higher quality. Similar to crafting from the inventory screen, players should press the use key on the Workbench and select a recipe and quantity to be crafted. The player must have the recipe's ingredients in their inventory in order to craft.

Additionally, the Workbench grants the player access to higher level recipes which can only be crafted at the Workbench.


After purchasing the Workbench (Perk), the Workbench is crafted with the following items:


The Workbench can be repaired with the following items:


The following recipes can only be crafted at the Workbench

Item Material Required Crafting Station Learned From
9mmRound.png 9mm Round Workbench 9mm Crafting (Perk)
44MagBullet.png .44 Magnum Round Workbench .44 Magnum Round Crafting (Perk)
762mmRound.png 7.62mm Round Workbench 7.62mm Crafting (Perk)
AirFilterLandMine.png Air Filter Land Mine Workbench
AugerBlade.png Auger Blade Workbench Auger Schematic
BeverageCooler.png Beverage Cooler Workbench
CandyTin.png Candy Tin Can Workbench
CarAirFilter.png Car Air Filter Workbench
CeilingLight01.png Simple Light Workbench Electricity Basics (Perk) Level 1
CeilingLight02.png Silver Dome Light Workbench Electricity Basics (Perk) Level 2
CementMixer.png Cement Mixer Workbench Concrete Mixing (Perk)
ChainsawBlade.png Chainsaw Blade Workbench Chainsaw Schematic
Chemistry Station.png Chemistry Station Workbench Chemistry Station (Perk)
CookingPot.png Cooking Pot Mine Workbench
CntCooler.png Cooler Workbench
DeskSafe.png Desk Safe Workbench
EndTableLamp.png End Table Lamp Wood.png 5x Wood, Headlight.png 1x Headlight, Electrical Parts.png 3x Electrical Parts, DuctTape.png 4x Duct Tape, Scrap Plastics.png 4x Scrap Plastics Workbench
ExplodingCrossbowBolt.png Exploding Crossbow Bolt Workbench Exploding Crossbow Bolt Schematic
FlamingArrow.png Flaming Arrow Workbench Flaming Arrow Schematic
Flashlight02.png Flashlight Workbench
FridgeBottom.png Fridge Bottom Workbench
GarageDoorMetal v1.png Garage Door Metal Workbench
GeneratorBank.png Generator Bank Workbench Generator Bank (Perk)
GunSafe.png Gun Safe Workbench
Handlebars.png Handlebars Workbench
HubCap.png Hub Cap Workbench
HubCapLandMine.png Hub Cap Land Mine Workbench
IndustrialLight01.png Industrial Light Workbench Electricity Basics (Perk) Level 2
IronBoots.png Iron Boots Workbench Iron Boots Schematic
IronChestArmor.png Iron Chest Armor Workbench Iron Chest Armor Schematic
IronGloves.png Iron Gloves Workbench Iron Gloves Schematic
IronHelmet.png Iron Helmet Workbench Iron Helmet Schematic
IronLegArmor.png Iron Leg Armor Workbench Iron Leg Armor Schematic
50px Lockers Workbench
Mechanical Parts.png Mechanical Parts Workbench
MinibikeHandlebars.png Minibike Handlebars Workbench Minibikes for Dumbshits
MinibikeSeat.png Minibike Seat Workbench Minibikes for Dumbshits
MiningHelmet.png Mining Helmet Workbench
Spotlight.png Spotlight Workbench Electricity Basics (Perk) Level 2
PipeBomb.png Pipe Bomb Workbench
OldOutdoorLight.png Old Outdoor Light Workbench Electricity Basics (Perk) Level 1
PressurePlateMine.png Pressure Plate Mine Workbench
Refrigerator.png Refrigerator Workbench
FridgeTop.png Refrigerator Top Workbench
ReinforcedDrawBridge.png Reinforced Drawbridge Workbench
Rocket.png Rocket Workbench Rocket Launcher Schematic
ScrapIronTable.png Scrap Iron Table Workbench
ShotgunShell.png Shotgun Shell Workbench Shotgun Shell Crafting (Perk)
ShotgunSlug.png Shotgun Slug Workbench Shotgun Slug Schematic
Spring.png Spring Workbench Steel Smithing (Perk)
SteelFireaxe.png Steel Fireaxe Workbench
PickaxeSteel.png Steel Pickaxe Workbench
SteelShovel.png Steel Shovel Workbench
StickOfDynamite.png Stick of Dynamite Workbench
StickOfDynamite.png TNT Workbench
TV.png TV Workbench
TV.png TV Large, Left Workbench
TV.png TV Large, Right Workbench
TinLandMine.png Tin Land Mine Workbench
50px Wall Safe Workbench
WireTool.png Wire Tool Workbench
WoodTable.png Wood Table Workbench
Wrench.png Wrench Workbench